About Us

Ruff Roasters started with the idea to combine two passions; Dogs & Coffee. For us, every morning begins with a cup of coffee and a walk with our dog, Kaia. After some time, we noticed our morning walks had started to dwindle in numbers. We realized our coffee was failing us and was no longer giving us the kick we needed to keep up with Kaia's required consistency. From there, we launched Ruff Roasters Coffee Co with a plan to offer higher-quality coffee that would give us the energy that Kaia needed.

Our Product

Ruff Roasters coffee is micro roasted, which is considered by many to be the best tasting type of coffee available on the retail market. The processes used to create this coffee variety are calculated to bring out the best of the coffee beans used in this technique. This type of coffee has a richness of flavor unmatched by many traditional, store brought brands. Our product is roasted and distributed out of New York. We’re a group of coffee lovers united to deliver the best coffee experience to you.

 Our Mission

Unfortunately, we realize that we can't rescue every dog ourselves, but Ruff Roasters will help aid in making a shelter dog's journey feel more comfortable.
Our mission is to donate to shelters in need to provide ample support & food for the overall well-being of each animal.
We've pledged to donate 20% of all profits to rescue shelters. That includes our coffee, merchandise, and gear. 
We hope you join us on our mission to help pups by drinking great coffee every morning and wearing some fun merchandise!